5 Pack, Round Circle Earring Sublimation Blanks

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5 Pack, Round Circle Earring Sublimation Blanks

Round circle earring sublimation blanks, double-sided. Sold in sets of 5 pairs or a set of 10 pairs.

These 1.7 in sublimation earring blanks have a glossy finish and produce amazing vibrant images and professional results with ease. They can be sublimated on both sides.

- Made for sublimation
- Can also be used with vinyl
- Protective film to preserve quality until use

Sublimation Instructions*

- Remove protective film from both sides
- Temperature: 385 - 400 degrees
- Pressure: medium
- Time: 60 seconds

*sublimation instructions are standard, individual presses may have slight variations. Use your best judgment based on your normal settings.

** The sublimation blanks come with a clear plastic protective layer that must be peeled off before use. This layer may have smudges or marks as a result of the cutting process but once peeled, the blank underneath will be pristine and bright white.